Applying For Aid And Attendance: Do’s And Don’ts

Applying for Aid and Attendance benefits can be a confusing and time consuming process. The VA is actually improving their turn-around time on new claims but the red-tape still exists. This article should help you properly complete a claim for VA Aid and Attendance pension benefits. However, I first recommend making sure you qualify for […]

Assisted Living Facilities In PA

Assisted living facilities in PA refers to assisted living facilities in Pennsylvania.  These communities can vary greatly in size, amenities, and cost. The definition of assisted living facilities in PA has changed over the last few years.  It is important to understand these changes so that you can place your loved one in the appropriate […]

Special Monthly Pension With Aid And Attendance

Detailed and well researched studies show that one reason people don’t like bureaucrats, doctors, and lawyers is because these professionals use jargon and complicated industry speak.  While maybe a surprise to these well educated professionals, most people prefer clear explanations that use everyday language to explain a concept.  If you can’t explain something to a […]

Social Security COLA’s And VA Debt Letters

What’s happening with the VA and Cost of Living Adjustment’s? A few years ago the Department of Veterans Affairs required that all Pension recipients complete an Eligibility Verification Report.  The VA used the EVR to ensure Pension recipients were still eligible for the benefits they were receiving. Veterans and surviving spouses were asked to update […]