Thanks again, Robert. You are a hero. I will have my mother give out your phone number to all the senior resident.

Thank you for the Great Job.
The Comeau Family appreciates all
Your expertise. This will be a great help
With our Mother’s well being and future
The Comeau Family

Dear Robert,

Thank you so much for all your work in establishing the trust and negotiating the VA system.  The benefit is now being deposited.  I appreciate all your guidance.



Nora O

Dear Robert,

Thank you for your help getting my father’s debt waived before the VA!  I’m glad I found you!  Too bad it had not been earlier in my father’s case.

With Gratitude,


Kathleen L
“Dear Robert,
This is extremely good news indeed!  I just got off the phone with Tom and Georgia and they are ecstatic.  You know, this has been a long journey, and we had tried at lease two times previously to submit Mom’s application to the VA, both times without success.  We can’t thank you enough for your help!”
Pete Brown
“Thank you so very much Robert. You’ve been such a blessing!
I can’t tell you how much stress all of this has caused, and I’m happy to finally see this award letter!”
Anna B
“Just wanted to take the time to thank you so much for assisting me with obtaining the VA spousal benefit for my Mom.   I attempted to do it on my own and was disappointed when she was declined.  After speaking to you I had renewed hope that she was indeed eligible and you felt confident you could assist me.  Your prompt response to all my questions and processing the paperwork was great.   My family is thankful for your services as this benefit will allow us to keep her in her current assisted living unit.”
Mary McDonald

“A friend told me about receiving payment for his father and suggested I apply for benefits for him.  I thought I could fill out the forms myself and send them in.  I was never able to contact anyone at the VA either through phone, chat,  or email.   I struggled with the paperwork but sent it in myself anyhow.  My father’s claim was denied.  I contacted Rob to handle the appeal.  He was wonderful to work with.  He kept me informed on the progress.  The new ruling came back approved.  I wish I had just started with Rob instead of going through all I did and then having to hire him after the denial.   The team was really helpful and I’m glad I finally used them.”

Jean M.

“Hi Robert,

I offer my sincere thanks for resolving my VA claim problem.  This will help to solve some of my financial issues.  Will keep all of your information in file and will contact you again if need arises.

Best Wishes,

Paul Zoch”

Paul Zoch

“I want to thank you so very much for all your hard work in securing full aid and attendance  benefits for my dad. As you know I tried unsuccessfully to do this myself for about 9 months before I contacted you. Within a day or two you had a letter in the mail to the VA. And in the following weeks, you addressed each of their requests until they finally concurred with you and awarded benefits to my dad. The attached photo is of my dad Ralph on his 97th birthday. He is a very proud veteran, was twice commander of his Amvets post and has done many, many hours of volunteer work. He wears his veterans’ bolo tie each and every day and has instilled in his children respect for America and its veterans. We really do appreciate your support Robert and your dedication to working through all the VA paperwork.”

Roseanne LaBarge

“A year ago i heard about assistance that was available for a veteran’s spouse in regards to retirement home cost (for my mother). So I called VA and they mailed me the form and all the instructions I needed to fill it out. It took me about a month to get all the necessary paper work they asked for, but i finally finished. I mailed it to them only to find out I was denied. I was devastated, all this work for nothing . A few months past and Robert Blumberg’s office contacted me and asked how things were going with my claim. I told them I was denied and they said they could help. Within 3 months they got it reversed and got the claim approved, and got back pay for us. I am very grateful to Robert and would gladly tell you that if you want to contact me, Robert has my information, so if in doubt contact me.”

Ed Lubrecht

“When Mother passed in 2013 and I moved Dad to be closer to me the VA became a nightmare! They cut all of Dad’s benefits and wanted money back!! Between trying to help care for Dad in his grief and losing those benefits was more than I could handle. VA Legal Team was there again to see me and Dad through the process of getting things straight. With Robert Blumberg’s help Dad is receiving hands on care and only a mile from my house. I believe that anyone that works with Robert will know the blessings and support he gives to the many men and women that have serviced their country.”

Chyrell Bell

“Who would have thought that after more than a year and a disappointing rejection letter that my dad, a brave World War II Navy veteran, would be receiving his first pension check this November from the U.S. government. I could not be happier for him or prouder of him. It would not have happened without the persistence of Robert Blumberg of VA Legal Team. With a simple, clear and calm approach to the mountain of red tape that was involved in an appeal of my dad’s initial rejection, Mr. Blumberg guided me through it all.  Staying positive the entire way, he never hesitated to answer all my questions, guide me through the forms and make me feel that help was on the way. The process is daunting. His experience with this type of application was evident from the first to the last correspondence. My dad will now be able to continue to receive the care that all Veterans deserve. Even now I feel that I can call him at any time. Thank you Mr. Robert Blumberg. You have made the remaining years of a proud World War II veteran a lot brighter.”

Armand Grasso, Jr.

“My father is a World War 2 Navy Vet and a Korean War vet with the Marines.  My dad was injured in WW2 and he never asked for benefits.  Now my dad is going to be 90 years old and needed help and he was denied benefits from the VA.  We went to our local government officials for help with no results. We were given Robert Blumberg’s name to talk to about our situation.  I was a little skeptical that he could do what our local officials couldn’t or wouldn’t.  Well guess what Robert did our appeal and he kept us informed of everything and he WON it.  We are ever so grateful to him for all his hard work, his patience with me. We appreciate everything you did for dad, just knowing the VA cared made his day.”

Kathy Fyler

“There are no words adequate to express our gratitude.  Thanks again for all the assistance provided.”

Carol Johnson

“Robert…I no sooner write you that we are pending a committee hearing and today we got a letter saying that the waiver has been approved. I just want to thank you again for guiding us through the paperwork! If there is ever anything we can do for you from this corner of the world, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I will always be grateful. Thank you again.”

Blaine Lamison

“Thanks for all your help in assisting me on my Dads pension. We received word that the VA will begin payments this month. Your assistance in providing me with the necessary forms and you personally reviewing them saved me a lot of time and worry. My family is very grateful.”

John Snipes

“I would like to take a moment to thank you for such a great job in getting my dad the VA benefits. Without your help I would have been unable to receive the benefits he was entitled to. Your quick response to all that was needed has enabled dad to live a much more quality life in his aging years. I cannot thank you enough.”

Richard W. Clift

“This letter is written in support of Robert Blumberg’s great work in helping my sister and I secure VA benefits for our mother who is a surviving spouse of a WWII veteran.

This process began over three years ago when our mother entered into an “independent living” facility. Right away, we were informed of this great benefit through the V.A. and that our mother would qualify for it. We were very excited about this prospect since her monthly income barely covered her rent and living expenses. We met with the representative who helped other residents with the process. It is a very long, paperwork intensive process and unfortunately, the marketing representative at the facility left out one very important detail – the fact that our mother was in “independent living” didn’t , by itself, qualify her for the VA benefit.

We were then told that the “Corporate” office that owns many of these types of elder housing facilities nationally, had their own lawyers who helped with the process and we were told by them that “we won’t submit your application unless we are sure your mother will receive this benefit” but we had to pay them $700.00 to submit the application.

A year and a half passed and because of our mother’s increased needs we had to relocate her to an assisted living facility. Again, the pitch was made by this new facility that it is a very easy process and based on our mother’s income she would definitely qualify. We were still working with the “Corporate Attorney”, checking with the VA monthly as to the status of our claim. The “Corporate Attorney” did nothing and in fact, didn’t follow through with providing the VA additional information and updated application information such as our mother’s move to an assisted living facility that would certainly have helped speed up the process. In April of 2013, we received a denial of benefits from the VA. The “Corporate Attorney” promised to appeal the decision immediately.

In November 2013, we attended a meeting at our mother’s new residence and met with a representative who was hosting a seminar for the VA benefits. We decided to take a chance and have this new company file an appeal on the denial of benefits because her financial situation was at a critical level. This is where we met Robert. He began the appeal process in late November, and notified us that the appeal was mailed on January 23, 2014. Robert notified us on April 25, 2014 that he had received official notification from the VA that our mother would be awarded the benefit – she also received a retroactive payment back to December of 2013.

We are very thankful for Robert’s dedication to this cause and his professional expertise. He was able to achieve success for our mother in a few short months when two others who claim to know the process failed.

We would highly recommend his services.”

Patricia Heckley

“I know that some people are able to obtain VA Survivor Aid and Attendance benefits on their own, but I don’t see how. Robert was instrumental in navigating the VA labyrinth and assisting me in obtaining benefits for my Mother. Despite the lengthy effort, Robert was always available for advice, help with forms, and encouragement, and we were finally successful.”

John Winchester

“We cannot thank you enough for helping us reverse the tide on what had become an exceedingly lengthy and frustrating process for us. Knowing that my mom was legitimately entitled to receive the benefit, as dictated by the VA’s own guidelines, and having our application rejected twice was incomprehensible to us. We considered giving up, but when we were referred to you we decided to give it one more try–any help in defraying the costs of mom’s care would be too valuable to walk away from. From the outset, your prompt attention to our case was an indicator of what was to follow; your timely responsiveness was a constant throughout this process, and your accessibility was a welcome change. You provided a personal touch in an otherwise impersonal bureaucratic process that was virtually impossible to navigate on our own. We are astounded at the rapidity of the VA’s response to your appeal, but very grateful for it. We truly appreciate your efforts on our behalf.”

Donna D

“My experience with VA Legal Team has been very successful. VA was trying to collect funds previous paid and VA Legal Team was very instrumental in preparing the appropriate response to VA which proved very successful. Robert has always been very helpful and willing to assist at any time.”

Jan Moore

“Robert at VA Legal Team, LLC was so helpful in sorting through my 93 year old mother’s finances in regards to her recently approved VA Spousal Claim, whether to set up a Trust, and how Medicaid may or may not play a part in our mother’s life down the road.  Prior to getting in touch with Robert, I had interviewed another legal firm who wanted a $5,000 retainer before even looking over my mother’s finances.  I feel the prompt and professional way I was treated by Robert was so refreshing as compared to any/all previous encounters I had had with other legal professionals.  The way he outlined the pros and cons on all of these issues was so easy to understand for both myself and my family.  He has taken such a burden off of my shoulders knowing that I had explored every legal avenue as it pertained to my mother’s financial status.”

Eileen Simmons