Why VA Legal Team

Experience matters.  When the Department of Veterans Affairs denies your mother or father’s claim for benefits, you need an advocate who knows how the VA works.  You need an advocate who knows what the VA wants and how they want it.  You need an advocate with proven results.

The world is a complex place full of needlessly complicated procedures and unnecessary hurdles. Unfortunately, the Department of Veterans Affairs is no different.

In a perfect world filing a successful claim for VA benefits would be a simple matter.  But the VA is a bureaucracy that demands applications and appeals be completed in a very specific format.  Beyond the complexities and contradictions encountered when dealing with the VA, the law which governs VA pensions and VA denials is opaque and changing.  In the last year, VA regulations have changed significantly.  The coming years promises even more dramatic upheaval.

Appealing a VA denial letter can be overwhelming.  Our job is to provide expertise that cuts through the red tape so you feel confident your loved one will receive the care and attention they deserve.

VA Legal Team’s proven system for successfully appealing a VA denial letter guarantees that your claim is handled thoroughly and strategically.  Because we love our work and take pride on our results, you can be confident that your appeal of the VA denial is our most important priority.

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