VA Legal Team successfully appeals Department of Veterans Affairs denial letters, and recovers VA benefits for veterans and surviving spouses.

Did the VA deny your application for VA benefits?

The Department of Veterans Affairs makes mistakes.  Don’t assume the VA is right.  Denial letters can be overturned and benefits awarded.

Appealing unfavorable VA decisions and recovering benefits is what we do.

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If the Department of Veterans Affairs denied your claim for benefits, there is a good chance you are actually eligible.

You may be entitled to thousands of dollars in retroactive payments.

You may be entitled to a sizable monthly award.

Don’t wait to act.  Veterans and surviving spouse are given a limited time to appeal the VA’s denial.  After the statutory time-limit expires, you may not be able to overturn the denial.

If you’ve received a denial letter from the VA, don’t panic.  VA letters are purposely convoluted.  Their intent is to make you feel overwhelmed.

But an experienced VA Accredited attorney can cut through the red tape.  A seasoned VA attorney can diagnose the problem, find a solution, and get you results.

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To recover the most money and receive the highest benefit amount, VA Legal Team will need all your correspondence with the VA.  You should keep anything you’ve sent to the VA and anything the VA has sent you.

A VA denial letter does not mean you aren’t eligible for Department of Veterans Affairs benefits.

The Department of Veterans Affairs makes many errors when deciding claims for benefits, so you should not assume a VA denial letter is the end of the conversation.

VA Legal Team can successfully appeal your VA denial letter and recover benefits.  When you decide to team-up with VA Legal Team, you have an ally that knows the VA and knows how to recover benefits.