Can You Revoke An Irrevocable Trust?

Advanced planning to avoid crippling long term care costs and Pennsylvania estate recovery is an attractive option for many Pennsylvania residents.  Planning ahead is usually preferable to the crisis planning that elder law attorney’s do to help clients preserve assets. But not everyone knows that options exist to eliminate some or most of the private […]

Pennsylvania Irrevocable Trust

A Pennsylvania Irrevocable Trust can come in many different shapes and sizes.  Depending on the creator’s goals and specific situation, a Pennsylvania Irrevocable Trust can be drafted in a variety of ways.  The specific language of the trust will depend on a variety of circumstances that are unique to the person creating the trust. This […]

Pennsylvania Medical Assistance: Can A Testamentary Trust Help You Qualify?

Thirty five percent of the population aged 65+ will eventually enter a nursing home.  This is fact.  There is a very real chance that you or a family member will someday require Pennsylvania medical assistance. Given the likelihood that someone you know will need a skilled nursing facility, how can you prepare?  Of course you […]

How To Avoid Pennsylvania Estate Recovery

If you’re researching how to avoid Pennsylvania Estate Recovery, there is a reasonable chance that either a loved one is in a skilled nursing facility or about to enter a skilled nursing facility. Many families want to know how to avoid Pennsylvania Estate Recovery because they want to protect assets and avoid the costly financial […]

Nursing Homes In Montgomery County PA

Nursing Homes in Montgomery County PA There are over 50 nursing homes in Montgomery County PA.  Deciding between different nursing homes in Montgomery County PA is a difficult task. Different skilled nursing facilities offer slightly different amenities.  Importantly, nursing facilities differ in quality.  It is important to visit multiple nursing homes in Montgomery County PA […]