The Department of Veterans Affairs makes many mistakes when deciding benefits claims.  The numbers are staggering.  And while the VA asserts that errors are in decline, a claimant should always be prepared to receive a denial letter.  Denial letters are, unfortunately, part and parcel of dealing with the VA. Given that a claimant stands a […]

Special Monthly Pension With Aid And Attendance

Detailed and well researched studies show that one reason people don’t like bureaucrats, doctors, and lawyers is because these professionals use jargon and complicated industry speak.  While maybe a surprise to these well educated professionals, most people prefer clear explanations that use everyday language to explain a concept.  If you can’t explain something to a […]


What is SMC-L SMC-L is a specific kind of benefit within the spectrum of Special Monthly Compensation. Special Monthly Compensation benefits are additional benefits above the regular scheduler compensation ratings.  SMC is not awarded to compensate for economic loss.  SMC is awarded to compensate for personal inconvenience and the overall severity of the disability. The […]

The Aid And Attendance Net Worth Myth

Many myths and misinformation surround the Department of Veterans Affairs Aid and Attendance benefit. Due to the technical nature of the veteran application and surviving spouse application, and the sometimes opaque eligibility standards, submitting an application that results in an award letter can be difficult. The most prevalent myth surrounding Aid and Attendance benefits is […]

What Is A Fully Developed Claim?

Submitting a claim through the Fully Developed Claim program is the ideal way to submit an application for Aid and Attendance. A Fully Developed Claim will place your application on the fast track to a Department of Veterans Affairs decision. What Is A Fully Developed Claim? A Fully Developed Claim means the applicant has submitted […]