VA Legal Team’s Core Values

Knowledge plus experience equals expertise.  

Expertise:Would you hire a plumber to fix your cars engine?  If you didn’t know much about electronics, would you try to repair a computer by yourself?  We believe some problems are best handled by an expert.  When you receive a denial or debt letter from the VA, the stakes are too high to trust an attorney without experience.

The foundation of VA Legal Team’s success is complete legal knowledge paired with years of practical experience.  The law governing the Department of Veterans Affairs is complex.  Navigating the bureaucratic malaise of the Department of Veterans Affairs is burdensome.  Successfully appealing a denial letter can seem like an impossible hurdle without an advocate to fight for your interests.

VA Legal Team knows the law and we know the VA.  After years of reading Department of Veterans Affairs denial letters our knowledge of how the VA operates and what they need to see is unmatched.  When you allow VA Legal Team the privilege of handling your denial, partial award, or waiver of the debt, you receive counsel that cannot be found anywhere else.

Responsive: At VA Legal Team we hold ourselves to the highest standards.  We place a premium on Customer Service and go above and beyond to ensure you feel taken care of and confident that your appeal is being handled in a timely fashion.  Your time is precious and VA Legal Team never makes you wait for a phone call or an email.  We respond promptly and timely and address any questions or concerns as soon as possible.

We’ve found that successful appeals start with an open dialogue between attorney and client.  We listen to the client carefully and with an open mind because a successful appeal often depends on the quality of communication between attorney and client.  By listening compassionately, VA Legal Team can uncover facts that may make the difference in your appeal.

Passion: VA Legal Team loves working with veterans and surviving spouses.  Partnering with VA Legal Team means you’ve gained an ally prepared to do whatever it takes to recover benefits.  We don’t believe in giving up.  Once representation begins, our single focus is recovery of benefits.

VA Legal Team understands the impact an award letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs can have on a veteran, a surviving spouse, and their family.  We know that Aid and Attendance can afford a veteran or surviving spouse the opportunity to remain in their care facility and live with dignity and comfort.  We take our job very seriously because we understand that the outcome of an appeal is a defining moment in a family’s life.