WARMS: The VA Employee Bible

On March 18, 2014 the Department of Veterans Affairs updated their Web Automated Reference Material System. The Web Automated Reference Material System, often referred to as WARMS, is considered the “bible” for VA employees. WARMS teaches VA employees how to dispose of issues including, but not limited to, Compensation and Pension.  The manual summarizes the […]

How The VA’s Policy On Legal Fees Is Misguided

After reading a great article by Debbie Burak, I decided to write something about the VA’s policy on legal fees.  I’ve often thought about the VA’s current policy, but Miss Burak’s piece finally compelled me to put some thoughts to paper. An attorney can charge a veteran or someone applying for benefits under the veteran’s service when […]

Will the VA Accept A Copy Of Your Discharge Papers?

I frequently receive questions about discharge papers.  Do I need them?  What kind will the Department of Veterans Affairs accept?  But I don’t have a DD 214, what do I do? And the big question: will the Department of Veterans Affairs accept a copy of my dad’s discharge papers? Eligibility for VA Pension, and Aid […]

VA Accreditation And Veterans Benefits

On August 1st, 2013 the Government Accountability Office released a report that states what anyone practicing Department of Veterans Affairs Pension Law already knows: the VA Accreditation system is fundamentally flawed. According to the report, the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of General Counsel does not “sufficiently ensure that accredited representatives have good character and knowledge.” […]